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Thursday, 2011 December 22

Dear participants to the showcase OPEN STREET,
Dear adherent to the OPEN STREET FORUM,

first of all we want to thank all people who have participated with appreciations and suggestions in the blog discussion on the results of the 2nd edition of the OPEN STREET SHOWCASE. The enthusiasm that these evaluations express, as the so the many emerging suggestions for future job, are for all of us the good encouragement to continue the path. We wish that the results of job developed to Fermo this year, as happened in the season 2010-2011, are already achieved under the point of view of shows touring.
In two years OPEN STREET has become a very wide network, above all appreciated for its ability to affirm a model of cooperation founded on participated principles, involving cultural realities of all the countries of continent, based on the definition of a whole of good practices that can be implemented in Europe, on the comparison with the European institutions, in the intent to give life to real communitarian cultural politics in favour of the street arts. For this reason, we think that OPEN STREET must continue also over the end of the activity plan sustained by the UE ( expiring on June 2012).
The idea of OPEN STREET founders is to work for consolidating the identity and the structure of this network. Moreover, to overcome the simple network, and to bring the fundamental values of this project inside a stable structure: we are meaning the constitution of an international association. To complete this important passage, we need the help of all of you in order to define the bases on which building it. What has really held united up to now almost 700 among artistic companies, promoters, artistic managers, trainers, institutions... in what do we recognize ourselves? We intend to start a comparison on the founding values of our cooperation, proposing to adopt a manifesto of OPEN STREET.
We intend to write, together with you, 10 Articles for an European Manifesto Of the Street Arts. A sort of Constitutional Paper to which the statute of the dawning association must be recalled. We begin proposing 3 articles to your attention, 3 fundamental principles that have until here characterized our engagement in the construction of the network.

1) OPEN STREET pursues the development of the street arts as indispensable element for the construction of an European cultural identity.
2) OPEN STREET intends to favor an equal cooperation among all the countries of Union, defending the cultural specificities from the homologation of art market.
3) OPEN STREET intends to promote the cultural and social development of the urban realities, setting the community to the center of the artistic event, and moving the theater, the music, the dance also to the most marginalized places.

As members of OPEN STREET EU FORUM the active contribution can really be decisive, so we ask you to be protagonists of this path, more than simple consumers of the services that can be created in the ambit of the network. If in sending us your contributions, you will use the blog just launched on website, the communication won't be Many-to-One but Many-to-Many, and the job will be more shared, more effective and more interesting perhaps.

Many Thanks
& Best Wishes for Happy Next Year !

In this issue:


Do we know Europe of street arts well? How is this artistic expression lived in the cities of the Union? Is it sustained by the institutions? Are the European circuits accessible for the artists of every nationality? Starting from August 2011, in collaboration with the Universities of Brema (DE) and Macerata (IT) OPEN STREET has settled a study from the title "The urban show inside the open city" which intends to define the state of the European street Arts in 4 specific ambits: the normative situation, the artistic resources and the accessibility to the European market, the economic frame of sector in various countries, the perception of the street art in the urban realities where it takes place. The study plan, attentively defined together with students and teachers of the 2 athenaeums, is accessible through the link here under. Your Collaboration is the fundamental premise for the good result of this important job . We are in search of national and local normative dispositions, relationships on the economic consistence of the sector, and whatsoever can be useful to the activity of research. Some members of network will be contacted in the next weeks by the Italian job group, but everybody is invited to send stuffs to the address email from which you received this email. The results will be published in the OPEN STREET HANDBOOK expected to be printed in June 2012. Thanks for Cooperation.

Plan of Study


A new version of the photo archive is now available, with many pictures about Fermo and Montegranaro shows of October event. The new version of the photo archive allows you to view photos in slideshow mode also of first edition of showcase and all the events in the ambit of project at the Italian, Belgian and German seats of open Street Forum. We invite all artists who have taken pictures at the October showcase to send them to enrich the website photo archive.

Open Street Photohistory


The new blog service that now appears in the site has collected comments about the recent showcase of Fermo, but artists and operators can also use the blog to send messages, requests for collaboration, information and tips useful for all members. To enter a post it is enough to get access to regsitered area and click blog on menu on the left. The blog also features the online translation tools, so you can insert the post using your mother tongue.

Open Street Blog

More articles


Great participation of artists, companies and professionals from all over Europe.

The last showcase in the ambit of the Open Street Project, held on October in Fermo and Montegranaro, was a great success thanks to broad participation of artists, companies, managers, festivals operators, public administrators, who came from 19 European countries. In the four days of event it was underlined that the personal encounter and subsequent dialogue between art producers and programmers is a key part in the world of street art, because the different cultural proposals almost always reflect the cultures of origin. It must be remembered that the cultural purpose the network, is not secondary to the economic one, because the exchange of professional practices ensures a flow of ideas and proposals that are highly significant for European unity and identity, but also for the artistic production tout court.

>>>


Towards a permanent cultural cooperation for street arts.

During the showcase OPEN STREET it has emerged as whole Europe is keen to continue the experience of cooperation aven after the activity program funded by European Community (ending next June): to date, the network includes nearly 700 members from nearly 30 European countries, shared among artists, companies, festival directors, operators, public administrations, who have all the same need to share and compare productions, ideas and ways of working. Such a colorful and multilingual cooperation, in recent years has given rise to important “intellectuals relationships” between artists and operators, relationships we can find prominently expressed in artistic productions.

The institutions associated to STREET undersign a letter of intent to promote good governance practices in favor of street arts.

The activity plan of OPEN STREET, started just 18 months ago with activities spread over 3 countries (Italy, Germany, Belgium), but first results of cooperation already draw a very ample scenario of relationships with European institutions, in the name of exploitation and promotion of the street show as an art form significantly able to affect the social frames of urban contexts and more generally the cultural identity of European citizens.

For the part involving the institutions, the project plans to catch the specific objectives that concern the development of artistic expression and promotion of the professional activities of sector, according to a plan shared on a European scale. The most recent regulatory initiatives at national and regional levels allow us to imagine a good preamble for the birth of a cultural policy aiming to the development of street arts in the countries of Union.

This path involves in particular the cities, as main contacts both in the management of the free street arts performing and in hosting organized events. For this reason a settlement of address was given to the city governments. Through the assumption of simple non-onerous commitments, the cities can substantiate their participation in the European program, also defining a platform of best practices in managing the street art activities in the urban ambit.

Institutions interested are requested to get in touch with the secretariat of the network, to define modes and procedures for the subscription.




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