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.....BILBOBASSO (Besançon)



Genre: Street Dance-Theatre
Category: Nearly Big

Components: 6
Fee: 3800-5000 €
Language: No Word
Duration: 50 min.
  Lights are shed on five actors who take you along with them into the lively atmosphere of a Cabaret in Buenos Aires where a young lady hangs out with gangster-looking musicians. The relationships get complicated when a stolen safe appears and stirs up everyone's lust. The piano explodes, the hat blaze, the fans flare up, fire, here is an arm of seduction, sparkles in the eyes and star-studded rain



This equipment must de supplied by the Organiser: A detailed plan is in the Annex - 12 x 2 kW dimmable circuits 2 kW (including DMX feeds )+ un single phase16 Amp feed to the lighting operate position. - 6 x PC type ADB or robert Juliat 1 Kw.(clear lens ) - 2 x profiles Type robert Juliat 613 1 Kw on floorstands. - 2 x profiles Type robert Juliat 614 S 1 Kw. - 5 x Pars 64 1 kW with WMFL lamp (CP 62). (One of these is on a floor stand) - 2 lighting stands Type Mobil-tech SPTek 4000 (height required 4,10m) with a coupling bar -2 lighting stands Type Mobil-tech AlpTek 45 or 5500 (height required 4.7 or 5.5 m) (will require counterweights for safety). - All cabling required for the lighting installation. - A ladder for focussing (A frame) - 2 rostrums (risers) for the operate position at a height of 80 cm. - 1 table for the operate Equipment supplied by the company : - 4 « Sunstrips » ramps driven by DMX 3 pin (requires a direct 16 Amp 220v feed. ) - Lighting Desk ( DMX Out: 5 pins)

SOUND Instruments (supplied by the company): • piano • double bass • guitar • accordion SOUND PATCH: Bilbobasso « POLAR » N° Instrument Mic Mic stand Insert 1 Piano Left D.I.(supplied) 2 Piano Right D.I.(supplied) 3 Accordion L Wireless (supplied) 4 Accordion R Wireless (supplied) 5 Double bass Wireless (supplied) Compressor 6 Acoustic Guitar D.I.(supplied) 7 Vocal SM 58 (supplied) Big Compressor For stage layout please refer to lighting plan Equipment to be supplied by the organiser : Front of House: • 1 sound system adapted to the venue where the performance is held (up to 1000 persons), complete with sub woofers, examples; L.Acoustic, Meyer Sound, Adamson , D&B, EAW ….. Operate position: • 1 Direct single phase 16 Amp feed for the operation and Backline (separate feed from the lighting system) • 3 equalisers 2x31 bands for the front of house and monitors (example; Klark Technic DN 360 , BSS…) • 2 new 9 Volt akaline batteries and 4 new AA (LR6) alkaline batteries • All cabling required for the sound installation Monitors: • 4 monitors, on 4 separate circuits (please avoid self amplified monitors such as JBL eon or Yamaha) Time required for sound-check: 1hour minimum Equipment supplied by the company : - 2 Accordion AKG microphones - YAMAHA 01V96 sound mixing desk - 2 wireless sennheiser microphone systems - 3 D.I BSS AR 133 - 1 Microphone stand (song) - 1 microphone SHURE SM 58 - 1 professional CD TASCAM with auto pause function. (Must stop at end of track) DRESSING ROOMS 6 persons: - Hervé (double bass player, dancer) - Delphine (dancer) - Elodie or Faustine (singer, dancer)) - Patrice or Willem (Guitar player, dancer) - Gonzalo or Gregory (Pianist, accordionist) - Florent (Technical Manager/operator)

Required space: mt. 13 X 13 X 5

Ideal venue: Square
Ideal audience: All ages

Setting up: 480 min.
Dismanteling: 120min.

Other requirements: Opening width 13 metres minimum. Depth 13 metres minimum (hard and flat ground surface) 1.5 m3 of dry sand. (Will need shovels and rakes to spread it around, and pick up afterwards) 10 litres unleaded petrol (gasoline) SP 98 Blackout in the performance area: at nightfall extinguish all public lighting. Dried and fresh fruit, coffee, tea, fruit juice, biscuits, chocolate, mineral water for 6 persons, to be supplied in dressing rooms from the start of the set-up. PLANNING The day of the performance Morning 9am-13pm: Set-up (please supply 1 lighting technician and 1 electrician and 1 sound engineer). Afternoon 14pm-19pm: End of set-up, sound check (please supply 1 lighting technician and 1 sound engineer). Evening 21pm-1am: preset stage (2hours prior to performance), lighting focus, pull down and load out at the end of the performance. (please supply 1 lighting technician and 1 sound engineer). Please Note: Lighting focus is at nightfall, prior to the performance


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The creation of a international debate, the comparisons between normative and laws, different urban patterns and policies for development and support of street arts, will drive to a new consciousness and will produce new stimulus in administrators and art operators. This route could not be undertaken on a simple regional or local level. Our country, now, is Europe!

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