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The gates of EU Parliament open to Mysteries and Drolls

The presentation at EU Parliament is programmed on 23rd May

The excellence acquired in the ambit of the European Cultural Cooperation by Mysteries and Drolls project has been able to attract the attention of the European Parliament: on 23rd May, in Bruxelles,† thanks to the direct and passionate interest of the Italian MEP Nicola Danti, the project will have the unique opportunity to be presented at European Parliament, in front of many Members of EU Parliament, as well as international representatives in the field of culture and cooperation of all countries (United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Spain and Germany) involved in the Project. Among them, Hon. Mrs. Silvia Costa, and Hon. Luigi Morgano, members of the Cultural Commission of EU Parliament, Jerzy Karol Busek, past premier of Poland and past president of EU Parliament from 2009 to 2014, Mr. Giacomo Cucini, representative of Project Leader Comune di Certaldo, together will the representatives of all partners, as well as the managers of main cultural institutions of countries involved. The important result achieved, thanks to the committment of all of them, will be able to introduce Mysteries and Drolls as an excellent example of cultural co-operation. The project, designed by Open Street aisbl, foresees a† framework of research, training and experimentation, in an European and intercultural dimension, on the forms and languages of medieval theatre and jester arts, emphasizing the centrality of the forms of the sacred and the buffoon, which are the very roots of every theatrical form of today and represents a common and shared heritage for the whole continent. Nevertheless, view the recent concomitant announcement of the European Commissionís proposal to keep Creative Europe as a self-standing programme, with a budgetary increase from 1.4 billion Euros (2014-2020) to 1.8 billion euros (2021-2027), the presentation will be the unrepeatable occasion to underline to all MEPs attending that culture plays a central role in almost all European policy domains, thus encouraging European Member States and the European Parliament European to ensure a substantial and sustainable increase of the budget for culture.† We do hope that the presentation of project can become a very significant event for the future of European Theatre and that through it the cultural cooperation promoted by Open Street aisbl can be acknowledged by governments and by institutions of our continent.

OPEN STREET TUBE, European Performing Art Video Archive

The meeting place for live performances buyers and sellers !!

UPLOAD your productions and highlight them in OPEN STREET TUBE, to propose them on festivals across Europe.

TAKE PART in periodical International Showcase, in order to test ONLINE the interest of operators in your artistic proposals.

To OPEN the city gates to performing arts means to bring out the value of open air spaces assigned to social life, to enforce the cohesion inside communities, to improve the local tourist activity, to create new routes for exchange and integration between European countries.

The creation of a international debate, the comparisons between normative and laws, different urban patterns and policies for development and support of performing arts, will drive to a new consciousness and will produce new stimulus in administrators and art operators. This route could not be undertaken on a simple regional or local level. Our country, now, is Europe!

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