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sunday 3 / 7 / 2022 | 1263 members

To OPEN the city gates to street arts means to bring out the value of open air spaces assigned to social life, to enforce the cohesion inside communities, to improve the local tourist activity, to create new routes for exchange and integration between European countries.

The creation of a international debate, the comparisons between normative and laws, different urban patterns and policies for development and support of street arts, will drive to a new consciousness and will produce new stimulus in administrators and art operators. This route could not be undertaken on a simple regional or local level. Our country, now, is Europe!

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The Open Street journey restarts again…

In June 2012 the Open Street project, supported by the EU Culture commission, concluded its 24 months period of activity.Nevertheless, many persons involved in project, who deepen their relationship thanks to activities carried out in the ambit of Open Street from 2010, decided that the conclusion of such an important moment of sharing, meeting and mutual friendship must indeed represent a founding stone for further important steps in order not to jeopardize the excellent results obtained by 2 years of cooperation.
Therefore, a group of Open Street network members decided to found in Belgium the first international no profit Association ever created in the ambit of European street and urban performing arts: on 17th October 2012, in front of notary Mr. Regis Dechamps in Brussels, 8 members have founded the Open Street Association Internationale Sans But de Lucre (a.i.s.b.l.), with seat in Av. de la Chasse 6 - 1040 Etterbeek/Bruxelles. The Statute of association is available through this link:

The Open Street a.i.s.b.l. founders are: Giuseppe Nuciari (Comune di Montegranaro); Luigi Russo (Federazione Nazionale Arte di Strada – IT); Piotr Chlipalski (Manana Productions Gliwice – PL); Caric Alexsandar (Association Inbox Novi Sad – SRB); Gabriele Koch (Neue Gruppe Kulturarbeit Bremen - DE); Fabrice Froger (Ville de Rochefort – FR); Costantin Chiriac (Teatrul Natiunal Radu Stanca Sibiu -RO); Ana Lopes Asensio (Ayuntamiento de Leioa - ES).

Shortly, in order to consolidate and enrich the network of adherents created in occasion of Open Street initiatives, the association will start a massive campaign for adhesion to association, addressed to artists, companies, art operators, public and private bodies of whole Europe.

After the brilliant success of 2010 and 2011 editions of Open Street Showcases in Italy, many European artists and operators expected the 2012 edition. However, the EU support to Open Street cooperation project, indispensable to grant the carrying out of such big events, ended in June 2012. Nevertheless, we have never stopped our activity in favour of European street performing arts: willing to repeat this successful experience also in future, the founders of Open Street a.i.s.b.l., with the support of the City Administration of Veroli (IT) as Project Leader, have submitted to EU commission for culture a new 24 months project in occasion of the 2012 Call for Cultural activities (Strand 1.2.1. - cooperation), called “S.P.A.C.E. Europe” (Street Performing Arts Cooperation Embracing Europe). If the project is supported by EU Commission, then two further editions of International showcase will be programmed in Montegranaro (Oct. 2013) and Ferrara (Oct.2014). You can download a brief summary of application to following link:

Of course we will inform immediately whole network about developments of SPACE application. The answer from European Commission should arrive in February 2013. Furthermore, we will keep you informed about the activity plan of the new Open Street association: new services in favour of artists and art operators will be shortly implemented.


We invite all members of network to test the new tools inserted at the end of the Fermo showcase

Photo Archive:
A new version of the photo archive is now available, with many pictures about Fermo and Montegranaro shows of October event. The new version of the photo archive allows you to view photos in slideshow mode also of first edition of showcase and all the events in the ambit of project at the Italian, Belgian and German seats of open Street Forum. We invite all artists who have taken pictures at the October showcase to send them to enrich the website photo archive.

Open Street Blog
The new blog service that now appears in the site has collected comments about the recent showcase of Fermo, but artists and operators can also use the blog to send messages, requests for collaboration, information and tips useful for all members. To enter a post it is enough to get access to regsitered area and click blog on menu on the left. The blog also features the online translation tools, so you can insert the post using your mother tongue.


During the showcase OPEN STREET it has emerged as whole Europe is keen to continue the experience of cooperation aven after the activity program funded by European Community (ending next June): to date, the network includes nearly 700 members from nearly 30 European countries, shared among artists, companies, festival directors, operators, public administrations, who have all the same need to share and compare productions, ideas and ways of working. Such a colorful and multilingual cooperation, in recent years has given rise to important “intellectuals relationships” between artists and operators, relationships we can find prominently expressed in artistic productions. European cooperation is essential for circulation of ideas and proposals that result to be fundamental for the unity and cultural identity of Europe; hence next months will be dedicated to the consolidation of network with the participation of all people finding their ideas to be lined with this thought and work, both among those who have recently approached to Open Street and the project founders.

These last ones are maturing the idea to launch the birth of an International Association that transforms the informal relationships tied up during activities of network, in structural and lasting relationships, with precise engagements for common objectives. The auspice is that the constitutive meeting of this new subject can be developed before the end of the program sustained by the UE.

The good result of the showcase, listening who has participated, allows to intend that the job for the birth of this association will surely be binding but also interesting and really tempting for the so many differences that will meet to a same table to discuss and to plan the development of the street art.


To distinguish the activity of professional show,(companies and artists attending to festivals), from the activity of artists performing free hat show, is subject of a lot of divergences in the European ambit: in many countries, the greatest part of operators and professional companies, does not consider hat activity as real artistic activity, but barely a kind of evolved begging, denying every possible cohabitation among the two disciplines. This, indeed, is considered useful by many European artists:some of them, in fact, attending the 2° edition of the European OPEN STREET showcase in Fermo, were willing to know not only about the Italian ambit of festival and events, but also about the Italian situation of free hat performing. Artists willing to organize a tour in Italy would find the two activities absolutely complementary: the cachets events take mainly place in the weekends, and artists wishes to stay in Italy for several weeks would have the problem to earn some incomes also in working days between one event and another. In these cases the hat can be undoubtely useful...Hence the need, mainly of solo artists and small companies, to be informed at best. We, as Italian seat OPEN STREET European FORUM, have gladly explained the Italian situation, which is not easy to understand. Similarly, many artists told us about the situation in their country and we must say that, broadly speaking, the problem is the same at all latitudes: local authorities are trying to solve the matter with measures that are never the best, and always considering the street show as a security problem to be solved rather than an artistic and social heritage for whole community. Under this point of view, basically all administrations see it the same way all over Europe.To face these problems at European level and try to definy, also in this ambit, what should be considered as common best practices, could be an aim to be pursued by a transnational network as Open Street.
At this stage the network is engaged in gathering as much documentation as possible to have an exhaustive framework of how the free street show and hat passing artists are accepted by local authorities, audience, operators and other artists of variuos European cultures.

Open Street network requests to all artists, companies, organizers and sector operators in Europe to send materials related to the free hat passing show: national and regional laws, regulations of cities and villages, personal experiences, newspaper articles, online news, web links , videos, not forgetting fines, trials, arrests and appropriate convictions to the stake!

You can send your stuffs to:, indicating the name of city involved into email title.
Many thanks in advance for kind cooperation!


Great participation of artists, companies and professionals from all over Europe

The last showcase in the ambit of the Open Street Project, held on October in Fermo and Montegranaro, was a great success thanks to broad participation of artists, companies, managers, festivals operators, public administrators, who came from 19 European countries. In the four days of event it was underlined that the personal encounter and subsequent dialogue between art producers and programmers is a key part in the world of street art, because the different cultural proposals almost always reflect the cultures of origin. It must be remembered that the cultural purpose the network, is not secondary to the economic one, because the exchange of professional practices ensures a flow of ideas and proposals that are highly significant for European unity and identity, but also for the artistic production tout court. Through the showcase came out a brand diverse, exciting and vibrant frame of street art in Europe, where it may happen that the same stories were told with techniques and suggestions very different from each other, and sometimes the performances showed a specific cultural connotation, demonstrating that European identity has as its very starting point the respective cultures . Under an organizational point of view, the choice to have less "show demo" companies than last year (30 instead 80), has allowed everyone to be seen (and to operators to see), as well as giving everyone the opportunity to meet directly and this has created a greater relationship: in confirmation of this, some agreement have already gone to be signed for next summer. In the blog area of this website, you can see many comments from participants, thus confirming as the frame of showcase has been positively designed and implemented. By next June, upon closure of activities, the project will also edit a publication that will make stock of the situation of European street art. Part of this work, dedicated to situation of street show in different countries participating to network, will be managed by the University of Macerata (supported by FNAS) through four interns (3 of them are graduated); during the showcase they have met some of the artistic directors, artists and companies from all over Europe in order to start their research, by using a questionnaire previously prepared. The heart of conversations, to which further specific research will follow in further months, was the individual different cultural strategies under creative, professional, promotional and legislative points of view.

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15 - 18 May 2014
Feria de Artistas Callejeros in
Leioa (ES)

6 - 15 June 2014
Sibiu (RO)

Montegranaro (IT)

27-29 June 2014
Rochefort (FR)

04 - 06 July 2014
Internationales Strassenzirkus festival
Bremen (DE)

27 June - 27 July 2014
Międzynarodowy Festiwal Artystów Ulicy
Gliwice (PL)

04 - 07 September 2014
Novi Sad (SRB)

9 - 12 October 2014

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