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BRUSSELS (23rd May 2018)

City of Certaldo (IT), Open Street aisbl, 7 MEPs, 27 Institution of 5 Countries have been involved in a meeting at European Parliament in Bruxelles for Mysteries & Drolls project presentation

23rd May 2018 is an important date for Open Street aisbl and the cultural cooperation project Mysteries and Drolls: thanks to the interest of the European Parliamentarian Nicola Danti, together with the Municipality of Certaldo and the coordination of Open Stret aisbl, the European cultural cooperation project is presented to the invited European Parlamentarians together with representatives of governmental and cultural institutions from the countries involved, in Brussels, at the European Parliament. In addition to Nicola Danti, participating MPs include Silvia Costa (past president of the Culture Commission), Julie Ward (UK) and Jerzy Buzek (past President of the European Parliament). Among the cultural institutions: Italian Institute of Culture (IT), British Council (UK), Polish Institut (PL), Comunidad Valentiana (ES), Regional of Baden Württemberg (DE). The presentation of the project will be an unrepeatable occasion to emphasize how urban performing arts can play an important role in European culture policies, thus encouraging all Member States and the European Parliament to guarantee a substantial and sustainable increase in the budget assigned to this field. The meeting represented a very significant event for the future of the European Theatre, and confirm that the cultural cooperation promoted by Open Street will be recognized by governments and institutions of the continent.

A free service to promote European Cooperation in the field of performing arts.

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27TH MAI - 05TH 2011 - 4 companies participate thanks to OPEN STREET cooperation

Sibiu International Theatre Festival (SITF) is the most prominent annual performing arts event in Romania and the third in Europe in terms of size and relevance. This year, between May 27th and June 5th, the festival will celebrate it's 18th edition featuring the theme "COMMUNITIES".

Sibiu has always been a place for the spectacular. Thus, in recognition of the city’s cultural excellence, Sibiu was granted the title of European Capital of Culture in 2007.

The programme of the 18th edition of Sibiu International Theatre Festival continues the tradition of outstanding cultural events. The cultural offer of this edition is rich and varied and will stage major international productions, the finest productions in Romanian theatre, as well as street and music performances from around the world, all taking place daily, in Sibiu's historical centre, squares and buildings, inside the churches and the medieval fortresses of Sibiu's scenic surroundings.



Due to its importance and the atmosphere that it creates along with the partnerships it establishes, the Festival substantially contributes to the consolidation of the international prestige that Romania has gained, as well as the image improvement of a multicultural community.

The SITF as OPEN STREET member, in the month of October 2010 He has participated at the first OPEN INTERNATIONAL SHOWCASE in Fermo. In that occasion he selected some companies of different countries for his official program. These include:


21st-27th June, 2010

The OPEN activity plan starts officially with the first Open Festival, in occasion of the 12th edition of Veregra Street of Montegranaro (Fermo province) from 21st to 27th June. Many European companies will attend this firs appointment, from cooperating countries in particular (PROGRAMMA). A lot of interest also for the international meeting on 20th/21st June.


Saturday, May 15th, 2010

The "Open Street" project was officially presented at "Namur En Mai", facing an audience of professionals and artists from all parts of Europe. The Mayor of Montegranaro Gastone Gismondi, and Councillor for Culture of Namur Anne De Gand they exchanged good wishes for a fruitful cooperation. Herebelow you find the discourse by Alessio Michelotti, director of the Italian Federation of Street Arts.

"Les arts de la rue ont un potentiel énorme en Europe, une incroyable capacité d'influencer notre société, d'en saisir les transformations, de définir notre identité culturelle à travers la vivacité des espaces de vie de nos communautés, de construire notre identité européenne à partir de la valorisation du patrimoine culturel de chaque pays. Dans cette vision, les opérateurs du secteur et les artistes ont une grande responsabilité en accomplissant leur travail.

Alessio Michelotti - FNAS

NAMUR EN MAI: The Arts Forains Festival

15° Edition - 2010 May 13th / 16h




“OPEN Street - Street Arts European Forum” presentation and debate

The Meeting Pro 'is a transnational showcase of Street Arts! A friendly debate between cultural professionals, politicians, creators of new horizons. An exchange of experiences related to the street arts. A talk time of 2hr !

Le Festival des Arts forains ©

From 13 to 16 May 2010, in the sumptuous setting of Namur, actors and tumblers, dream merchants and illusionists will transport you to the heart of emotion and the real pleasure of the Fair! For four days and four nights during the week-end of Ascension, the centre of Namur is reserved for actors and spectators, motor traffic is banned. The 50 shows and attractions take place everywhere in the streets, courts, gardens, shops, theaters on precise layout and schedules. Half the shows are free. Each day of the Festival ends in "Cabaret forain". Ladies and gentlemen, roll up, roll up. Come and discover a world of illusion and rediscover the child inside…

This is a place to be dazzled…. this is a place to dream… Everywhere you look, there’s laughter and fun! "Namur en Mai" Le Festival des Arts forains will be setting up its big tents, its carrousels and its trestle tables from 13st to 16th May 2010. Over 4 days, in the stunning surroundings of Namur, the capital of Wallonia, 300 artists, actors and acrobats, dealing in dreams and illusions, will take you on an emotional rollercoaster with all the fun of the fair – and all for not more than a few Sous!

The purpose of Namur en Mai, le Festival des Arts forains is to celebrate the modern creativity inspired by fairs and entertainers; to revel in the variety and international feel of the language of art; to experiment with and bring to the stage new theatrical and visual experiences; to give young creative talents just starting out a helping hand. Open to everyone, the Festival puts on a wide range of shows, some of which are free of charge, and Namur en Mai shares the fundamental idea that creativity is a vital element in our society, and the key to everyone discovering his or her own value.

The Festival takes place in the centre of Namur over the 4 days of the Ascension long weekend. The whole area is cordoned off for the actors and spectators and traffic is banned. The 70 shows and performances on the programme take place all around you, in squares, courtyards, streets, gardens, car parks and theatres, all in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, according to the schedule. Every day, the festival closes with music at the Cabaret forain.


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OPEN STREET TUBE, European Performing Art Video Archive

The meeting place for live performances buyers and sellers !!

UPLOAD your productions and highlight them in OPEN STREET TUBE, to propose them on festivals across Europe.

TAKE PART in periodical International Showcase, in order to test ONLINE the interest of operators in your artistic proposals.

To OPEN the city gates to performing arts means to bring out the value of open air spaces assigned to social life, to enforce the cohesion inside communities, to improve the local tourist activity, to create new routes for exchange and integration between European countries.

The creation of a international debate, the comparisons between normative and laws, different urban patterns and policies for development and support of performing arts, will drive to a new consciousness and will produce new stimulus in administrators and art operators. This route could not be undertaken on a simple regional or local level. Our country, now, is Europe!

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