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Order HERE the complete guide to street art in Europe... A veritable handbook for those who want to know more about European Street Performing Arts or who needs to find new channels to spread their activities in the international context.

The European Agenda of Street & Circus Performing Arts Festivals updated month by month

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The senior creative teams of Festival of Fools (Belfast) and Open Street aisbl (Brussels) have completed the selection of proposals for the participation in the Mysteries & Drolls 2021 showcase, dedicated to artists & companies up to 3 components.

The initiative was a success beyond any expectations, registering almost 100 proposals coming from 20 EU countries and UK.

The complete list of applications is available at this address: https://www.populartheatre.eu/applications-2021/

Unfortunately, some applications did not meet the participation requirements, because they came from countries outside those eligible (eg Switzerland and non-EU), or because they saw more than 4 members on stage.

The results will be published Saturday 6th February at 16:00 (Brussels time) on the Mysteries & Drolls website at the page:https://www.populartheatre.eu/results-showcase-2021/

For any further information, kindly contact the Open Street secretariat through the email address network(-at-)open-street.eu


24th & 25th February 2021, Online Edition. The Call out for artits & Companies was closed on 16th January. Registration for Programmers opens on 19th January and close on 17th February 2021.

Mysteries & Drolls EU Showcase 2021

In February 2021 Festival of Fools will host the second International Showcase of the Mysteries and Drolls project seeking to revive the European Popular Theatre, rediscovering ancient street theatre and the role of the buffoon through the contemporary theater work. We have closed the artists & companies applications the 16th January 2021 with 97 applications from 22 european countries. The proposals came from the sectors like street theatre, puppetry, contemporary circus, contemporary dance, performance. 25 of these will be selected for the showcase.


What is the showcase?
The showcase is an online industry event, an opportunity for programmers to see street theatre work and for artists to meet programmers. The aim is to create programming opportunities for festivals, and bookings for artists. The showcase will be attended by at least 30 international programmers from a range of European countries who will each be seeking to book at least one show from those featured.


When will it happen?
The showcase will be presented by Festival of Fools on the 24th and 25th February 2021, from approximately 10am to 3pm each day (UK time). If selected as Artist or Company, you will need to participate in half a day of online activity with us on one of these days. If selected as Festival Organiser or Programmer, you can stay with us for the entire two-day program. There will be the opportunity for programmers to network together informally and participate in group discussion. We are working hard to make the days as varied and engaging as possible.


What is involved?
During the event we will be screening trailers of the selected shows, and the show creators will take part in a hosted Q&A attended by festival directors and programmers. For Artists & Companies: One-person shows receive a fee of € 100,00 for participating, duos receive € 200,00 and trios receive € 300,00. For programmers: The first 30 organisations to register for a place will receive a contribution of € 100,00 after they have attended the event and completed a very short survey.



The application call now available

The Open Street Association keeps frequent contacts with main European events in order to achieve all useful info for artists and companies. In this period the programmers begin to fix dates, contact companies and launch the application for participation to their events. Here you can find the result of our first round of contacts. Just click on festival name to go straight to the application! Look out! Some deadlines are just ROUND THE CORNER!


Maybe the worst is passing !!

Interactive Coronavirus Travel Regulations Map

Below you can find the dates by which some European countries will reopen their public cultural events. If you have further information from your country, please write to us by replying to this email.

WARNING: these data may not be completely updated. Please check the government websites of each country for confirmation.


Given the progressive improvement of pandemic conditions and the loosening of safety rules in many European countries, on May 18, 2020 Open Street aisbl decided to take a census of the European circuit of performing arts festivals and launched a European agenda where operators in each country will be able to note down the dates of cancelled / to be confirmed / confirmed festivals. This initiative aims to promote artistic programming and defend the creative chain. Thank you for your contribution.

You can contribute by entering the dates of your international event yourself. If you are an artist and you know all the data of the festivals that host you this year, you can contribute to the Agenda too.

Thank you.

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OPEN STREET TUBE, European Performing Art Video Archive

The meeting place for live performances buyers and sellers !!

UPLOAD your productions and highlight them in OPEN STREET TUBE, to propose them on festivals across Europe.

TAKE PART in periodical International Showcase, in order to test ONLINE the interest of operators in your artistic proposals.

To OPEN the city gates to performing arts means to bring out the value of open air spaces assigned to social life, to enforce the cohesion inside communities, to improve the local tourist activity, to create new routes for exchange and integration between European countries.

The creation of a international debate, the comparisons between normative and laws, different urban patterns and policies for development and support of performing arts, will drive to a new consciousness and will produce new stimulus in administrators and art operators. This route could not be undertaken on a simple regional or local level. Our country, now, is Europe!

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